Tuesday, March 28, 2017

An Update. . .


THE MASQUE OF ISMENE, a hallucinatory conte cruel set in the asteroid belt, after Jean Lorraine, Charles Baudelaire, Hanns Heinz Ewers, Gustav Meyrink, Odilon Redon and C.L. Moore,. A short novel.

STANDARD RECORDS & HI-FI, a literary fantasy set in Seattle and deep below Admiralty Inlet, 1988 and 1914.   A short novel.

recent Slings and Arrows

“A stunning piece of writing, from a criminally under-appreciated writer.”Nina Allen, author of THE RACE (2016 Titan UK) on “Islands off the Coast of Capitola, 1978.

“A fine homage to Gene Wolfe's Island stories…it works surprisingly well independently. But readers would be shortchanging themselves not to read it in company with Wolfe's story, which will expose a richness of allusions, beginning with the title of Herter's."Lois Tilton, LOCUS ONLINE

“It's hard to describe the texture of the book--often more like a weave of voices and streams of information. It's best to read (and reread) the book in the same frame of mind you'd approach a difficult, somewhat hermetic poem.”Nate Dorward, Goodreads on CERES STORM

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An Update. . .

IN PROGRESS THE MASQUE OF ISMENE, a hallucinatory  conte cruel  set in the asteroid belt, afte r Jean Lorraine , Charles Baudelaire , H...