“Distinctive and imaginative, a debut of immense promise”.―Kirkus Reviews

“This epic unfolds in a seductive faerie tongue as we follow the perilous transformation of Daric from an adolescent boy into a primal galactic force. We flee with him along elusive coordinates as he deals with constructs that aid or hinder him, and one chromatic scene follows another as he escapes creatures who would bind him to their own uses. And so we move to a shattering climax. A beautiful read.”― Charles Harness

“Through voyages on haunted spaceships, encounters with sentient plagues and descents into ancient tombs. . . bemused readers will sympathize with naïve Daric as one enigmatic incident follows another, characters shift from flesh to hologram to crystal to mechanical insect, and reality encompasses dream worlds, shared hallucinations and miniature cities. The book's a grand exercise in weirdness, cloaked in a coming of age story. It's a unique reading experience.” ―Starlog

“CERES STORM is sublime, and though the language is sparse, it is rich and poetic, swinging easily between dreamlike perceptions and hard-edged reason. This astonishing debut leaves me hungry for more.”― Elliott Bay Booknotes


"Herter's blending of contemporary fantasy and the Verne opera-in-progress is seamless and intense. . . an exquisite, subtle performance." —Booklist on Evening's Empire

"A marvelous fantasy." —Paul DiFillipo, Science Fiction Weekly on Evening's Empire

ON THE OVERGROWN PATH (2006) revised and expanded (2012)
Volume One of the First Republic trilogy

“Just as there are touches of D M Thomas's The White Hotel (1981) in Herter's depiction through his beloved Janáček of the warp and weave of a civilization under stress, so there are suggestions of Algernon Blackwood's The Willows (1907) in the way he spells his great composer into tranced rapport with whatever breathes inside the wood and does not wish to be carved into music.”

—John Clute

THE LUMINOUS DEPTHS (2008) revised (2012)
Volume Two of the First Republic trilogy

“THE LUMINOUS DEPTHS has a richness of prose and a density of allusion and ideas reminiscent of authors like Aldiss and Wolfe―and, incidentally, it is a page-turning cracker of a horror story. Outside his homeland, Karel Čapek may be remembered primarily through his legacy of the term Robot. It is Herter’s achievement in this novella to lead us through the narrow window of that single chthonic word to a rich evocation of a fragile, doomed period of Central European history.” ―Stephen Baxter


“In OCTOBER DARK, so-called movie magic is real, the special effects masters are its practitioners, and it's the only thing protecting the world from unspeakable evil. OCTOBER DARK is a delight.” ―Library Journal (Red Star)

“Herter, like the stop-motion magicians of history, has brought a monster of imagination to life. OCTOBER DARK is brilliant.”―Jeffrey Ford, Nebula and World Fantasy Award-winning author

“Herter excels at creating a truly spooky, Halloween-worthy atmosphere that Bradbury fans, among others, will relish.”―Booklist

“In the grand tradition of Ray Bradbury’s Something Wicked This Way Comes, OCTOBER DARK is an epic tale of the wonders and magic of youth with a dark side. If you love Halloween, monster movies, Famous Monsters magazine and classic movie makers you will absolutely love this book.”―Famous Monsters of Filmland

Volume Three of the First Republic trilogy

“David Herter’s FIRST REPUBLIC trilogy, to which ONE WHO DISAPPEARED provides a spectacular and moving conclusion, does not fall; on the contrary, it remains perfectly suspended, sturdy and elegant―and by virtue of its topography, it does not, like more myopic literary projects, taper off into soothing closure, but opens wide to an even vaster and more glorious universe of possibility.” ―Brian Stableford

"Fantastic!" ―Peter Straub

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